Who We Are?

We Restore Old Homes LTD is a company that focuses on house restoration and construction. The foundation of our company dates back to 2003, when the idea of two graduates of the architectural academy to start a new home restoration business was brought to life. It was not easy to start a brand new endeavour - the one you don’t know much about, but wish to make it a success. The first years were decisive in the development of the company, but it managed to withstand the competition in the market, irrespective of its age and size.

The company kept expanding, with new team members joining it. As of today, We Restore Old Homes LTD team consists of ten experts and each of them is responsible for a certain stage of the reconstruction process. These are talented, skilled, knowledgeable and experienced designers, architects, project managers, builders etc.

We don’t plan to stop at what we have now. We are going to expand the team and work even on the most complicated projects. We treat each order with special attention and individual approach and we know how to make a project a success. We keep studying and we don’t miss a single chance to improve our knowledge base and skills. What’s more, we start using new materials and technological innovations that contribute to the best result possible. We value your choice and we won’t let you down! We Restore Old Homes LTD is your number one destination when it comes to home restoration and construction!