Our Work

As you see, all old houses differ in features and styles and, thus, each project requires individual restoration approach. These are some services we can offer our clients nowadays:

Old Homes Restoration

Old home restoration always takes much effort and time. This is especially true when it comes to ancient homes that are frequently partially ruined. We have the experience of working with projects of diverse complexity and perform all kinds of works related to stone, wooden and brick houses that abound in exquisite details and imply the preservation of their original identity.

Brick/Stone Cleaning

Restoration process frequently requires quality brick/stone cleaning, which eventually gives a house a brand new look. We are familiar with different masons’ water and chemical cleaning processes as well as with systems that ensure the best result.


Complete and quality house restoration is unthinkable without roofing. We use only modern, safe materials and advanced roofing techniques to get the expected result. What’s more, we offer extensive slate/asphalt/tiling options and use only approved liquid coatings when working with roofing.

Redesign and Redecoration

If you need complete house redesign and redecoration, we can cope with all kinds of internal and external works. Our specialists will prepare a unique project for you tailored to your needs, preferences, budget etc. We always consider your special wishes and agree on each process we are going to start.

Internal Refurbishment

Our experts can cope with the internal refurbishment of houses. This implies a wide spectrum of tasks, such as mechanical, electrical, carpentry works as well as adherence to all the requirements of our clients.

Repair of Damaged Property

Whether your house was damaged by fire, water or time, that’s not a problem for us! We can repair damaged property and give it modern appeal that would be even better than that it had before. Just give us a call and provide us with all the requirements and project specifications to avail the result you will be absolutely satisfied with!